Thursday, June 15, 2017

State Map Art

Last year, I had started a new series of ' Map Art' which primarily showcased the state bird and state flower. Some state maps were too small to fit a bird and those had a beautiful scenic landscape included. Some, especially the New England region have the most beautiful autumn foliage and I though it was important for me to include that in some of the states. All these were available as originals in my Etsy shop and most got sold. But the one most common request that I received then was to make these available as prints, small and large and/ or cards. It's taken me a while, no doubt, but its finally here!

I have started to offer all US states as prints and Art cards. The cards are 5x7 and a perfect size to frame making it a card and a gift all in one! They are printed on soft textured heavyweight paper and has a beautiful deckle edge to both the card and the envelope. If you need multiples, just contact me on Etsy and I will make them available for you. All 50 are available, but I have yet to list all of them on Etsy, if you don't see yours yet, just message me and I will list it for you.

Here are some of them ... sit back and enjoy with a super large cup of coffee!

All these are current available at an introductory price on Etsy.

Each single state has been handpainted and handlettered meticulously, It's a labor of love! It was so hard for me to stay within the lines, a completely different experience! There have been  maps beautifully painted yet ending up in the trash ..gulp!  beacause I painted it upside down! yes done that!

The most exciting part of this series has been collating all these individual states into one large huge US MAP!. This was a request from my dear husband, he wanted me to put them together and frame it. I am working hard on that and hopefully be done soon. I have given myself a deadline and want it done and framed by 4th of July!
I am planning to make the larger map available on Etsy too. Lets see how that goes!

Like them?

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Gouache on Black

Gouache is a medium that I waited too long to try! Its a wonderful opaque water based medium that's a hybrid between watercolors and acrylic. There is a bit of a learning curve to this. I was trying to use watercolor techniques to paint with fail!

I have finally learned that this medium works best out of the tube, with bare minimum water to wet and wash the brush. If you thin the paint, it looses its vibrancy. It's meant to go down thick. So paint with these as you would with oils. Start with the darks and add the lights or highlights on top.

Once I got the hang of it, it was easy to paint with, especially on black..looks so bright and it!

 Here are some of the cards that I painted with this. I have used Winsor and Newton Gouache and handlettered with Dr.Ph Martins white Ink and nib pen.

All these are now on Etsy.


Happy Birthday

Gouache painting with Envelope liner

 Give gouache a will love it!

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Holiday Cards

It's been a long and busy May at the Sanketi studio. Started off by getting the Etsy shop all stocked up with Mother's day original watercolor cards and once that slowed down, I received a request for holiday cards..yes Christmas in May! After that the studio simply looked like Christmas, with fresh cut pine brought in for styling my work and warm cinnamon spice oil burning to get me into the mood of designing and printing these greeting cards, I had art ready from last year and all I needed to do was design and print them on cards..easy peasy..or so I thought!

The entire project took me several hours of just designing, and some more to get it print ready and several more finding the right cardstock for printing these special holiday cards. I went on a hunt to get the right paper and finally settled on some lovely textured 25% cotton paper which makes it look like fine stationery. After all this work, I decided to make some more work for myself and went ahead and designed some wrapping paper for each of the 14 designs that I had to offer. 12 holiday styles and 2 'thank you 'sets. Printed each one of them and got ready to assemble them as sets of 5. After 2  weeks of hard work, this project was finally ready to be styled and photographed and sent to the client..phew!

 Season's Greetings and Merry Christmas.

This set is now available on Etsy

Set of Thank You Cards on Etsy

Will be back soon with another post to share my new found love ..gouache ..a medium with which I have been playing a lot lately!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, May 12, 2017

SANKETI - Etsy And Branding

                Photo Credit- Simi Jois

Last week, I got a photo shoot done of my work. Here are some pictures from that amazing day! I have never wanted to be a model, nor did I think I was capable of being one, but my photographer turned me into one and had me model my work!. I love the creative way in which she took my pics, focusing on the artwork, bringing them to the forefront and keeping them centerstage.

                                             Photo Credit- Simi Jois                                            Packaging fine art . 

 I have spent 2 long years trying to perfect and bring about a cohesive look for my brand. Packaging my art is my passion and I love sending them out just as I would have liked to receive them.  I needed some professional pictures showcasing this to add to my portfolio and website.

I wanted my art loving buyers to know that  even if they were purchasing a greeting card, it was not going to be the regular everyday printed card, they were buying original art which could be gifted and framed. These were original watercolors painted on a smaller canvas of a greeting card. These did not have a shelf life and would, hopefully, not end up in a trash can!  These were small pieces of art to be given to that someone special who loves unique one of a kind items and that could be the buyer herself/himself.

My packaging has evolved over time. I started by putting the card in a nice thick paper sack and sending it off in a bubble mailer. Months later,  I decided to send every card in a muslin bag which would make a nice gift in itself. That continued for the last year and a half,  until I started to find that with every order I placed, the muslin bag sizes were shrinking and would not fit my cards anymore! I was so sad and disappointed, It was my favorite part of packaging my art! I kept looking for new vendors, but every order is the same, short on the length side. So now I have gone back to kraft paper sacks, but my search is still on. I have a new set coming in tomorrow, let me see how that goes!

Until then, orders of more than 2 cards are going in my remaining limited supply of muslin bags which, now have my logo stamped on it! That brings me to my logo design and development. I think I have spent more time in designing my logo, then I have on my art!  Not a graphic designer by any means, it took a lot of learning to even get started to design one. But I knew for sure, that I wanted to do it myself. I am very particular about certain things, and I was apprehensive that I would give in and say yes to a design that was not totally what I had in mind and a designer would not have had the patience nor the time to do multiple reviews for me!

                                                Photo Credit- Simi Jois              Packaging greeting cards and stationery.

Once I started muslin bags, I was happy with the way the packages were going out, but then I wanted to take it a step further and make it look more boutique style. So I designed a belly band with my logo on it to keep it cohesive. For a long time, I was writing a thank you note for each order sent, but writing in a hurry on a busy shipping day, meant bad handwriting and spelling mistakes! So I went ahead and wrote them once and got them ready for print. Now I have them ready to send, and I just need to sign them to make them personal.

My biggest investment has been my printer, and I think that is something everyone who needs to print their work inhouse should make. It makes designing and printing your work so much simpler, and easier. The business cards you see in the  picture below, with the front and back design,  has got to be my biggest achievement! Since I do not have duplex printing on my printer,  I used to struggle with getting them to print both sides, the day I got that figured out, I was thrilled and truly did a happy dance!


Depending on the size of orders, the packages leave my studio with a complimentary bookmark, ATC or a postcard.  I would paint each one individually and send originals, before I realized that  it was not a sustainable idea in the long run. So, again, I sat with all my paintings in front of me, scanned them at 800 DPI and got them ready to print as bookmarks, postcards and ATC's.

                           Photo Credit- Simi Jois

Owning a business means one needs to be very good at marketing, speaking about themselves and their work otherwise it is hard to get people to know that you are even having a shop and  I totally struggle with this, the other day I had someone ask me If I sell my work..what! after 2 years of talking about etsy on my blog, intagram and FB my regular readers are bored and here was somone who has been following me for a while asking me if I sell my art! go figure!
I even made a video for my Etsy shop..which I now need to redo with my logo...but that was another step that I took to help people find my work.


Well, after being open for less than 2 years now with a break of 6+months,  SANKETI has come to be the brand that I had envisioned, a brand that is inspired by nature and offers quality stationery and fine art . A brand that offers the buyer an experience and not a product. As a buyer told me...SANKETI packaging makes people feel like it's Christmas everytime they shop there! I love that!

I hope my art loving buyers enjoy them as much as I do creating them. It makes me so happy when I see my work in someone else's home and they share and tag me on Instagram! If you have purchased from my shop and have shared then don't forget to #sanketi and tag me @sanketim . I would love to take a look!

Yours ARTfully.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring florals

It's been a busy month over at my shop and I have not been able to make time to write a post for my blog. Everything gets done except blog posts, my poor little blog always takes a backseat! My sincere apologies to all those who follow my work. But the bright side is that I am very active on Instagram and post almost everyday and sometime multiple times a day, so if you want to keep up with my watercolor journey, sign up for Instagram, it's free and easy and you can get all the behind the scenes of my work before you read it on my blog.  My IG handle is @sanketim

After the 6 month break that my little shop and I took, it has now started to get busy again, and with the Easter special going on, I had my hands full. handlettering scripture and packaging and shipping them so that they could be enjoyed in time for the holiday. With Easter and Easter cards behind me, I have now started painting Mother's Day cards, So my studio is filled with flowers and monograms and botanicals...just for mom! 

I have also been terribly preoccupied with designing my new business cards and getting them to look more in tune to what I do. So I spent a major part of month trying to get it just right. I got myself a new printer so that I could offer prints in my Etsy shop and put it to good use by printing my business cards right here in my studio. I wanted these to also serve as a miniature art piece which people could frame and keep if they desire to do so. Its an ATC size.  I think it was worth the time and effort. Like it?

And finally,
 Thank you to all those who voted for me in the #etsysmallbusiness contest. The voting has ended and winners have been announced. I appreciate you taking the time and encouraging someone to make a success of their small venture. Although I did not win the contest, yet I do feel more encouraged and positive about my fine art and stationery business than I was before. It felt good to know that there were at least 63 people who really liked my work ! So THANK YOU ! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


Friday, March 24, 2017

Etsy Small Business Contest

Hello everyone, 

Today I come to you with a request,
... and asking for a favor!

Etsy has very generously organised a contest for all its small business owners and the winner gets to expand their business in more ways than one. All it takes is a single vote from you. 

If you have been following my work and would like to see me offer more affordable art than please take the time to cast you precious vote.Every vote makes a difference!

Please vote for me in the Etsy Small Business contest! It's super easy and only takes a second! Just follow the link below and click VOTE, enter an email address, and hit SUBMIT. That's it! 


 or click here


In July 2012, I had recently discovered rubber stamps and had started to create greeting cards using watercolors and stamps. I started a blog to share these creations with the wonderful stamping community. Soon, I started receiving requests for purchase which led me to starting an Etsy shop in July 2015. I was very honored and thankful to all those who purchased and within a year my shop had seen enough success for me to start making more plans for it's growth. But then, life had other plans for me and I had to put my shop and life on hold. After 6 months am now back with renewed faith and fervor and am busy once again making plans for my shop. I passionately paint loose and expressive watercolors and find this medium extremely meditative. This is my dream job, I have always wanted to own a boutique filled with my artwork where people can walk in empty and walk out with an experience. Etsy has made that dream come true!

If I am fortunate enough to win this contest, I would most definitely invest it in a large fine art printer capable of helping me make Giclee prints. I want to make affordable art and making fine art prints is one of the best ways to help my collectors purchase my art . The first step to a good print is of course a good scanner to scan my original watercolors . I currently use my small office scanner to scan and that does not always stand up to the test of large watercolor paintings. A large bed scanner would be a great addition to my studio.

Thank you to all those who have seen this post on Instagram and already casted their vote for my little shop...appreciate it!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Saturday, March 11, 2017


Excited to share a brand new phase and a new beginning of sorts...a new website!  I have always wanted a space where my friends, family and clients could see all  my work under one roof and I have been working on this portfolio for a while now. I have put in a lot of effort into  building this new place for my art  and I am so happy and excited to introduce it to you.'s live!


I remember back in 2015, I started my little Etsy store just because my blog readers kept asking me if I sold my greeting cards and I thought to myself, why not? and decided to open  a store where they could purchase my cards. Now after 2 years, my little art business has grown by leaps and bounds and is not 'little' anymore. I now have a brand, a logo, and most importantly I have people who love my work and would like to collect it!

Etsy gave me the freedom and courage to go behind my dreams. It has given me the permission to believe in myself and although it's been  frustrating at times, in the end it's been worth it.

Very soon, you will also be able to purchase originals and prints directly from my website. The pieces you find on my website will be exclusive and not be found elsewhere.  You can also contact me for custom work.

My Etsy store shall still remain and I have lots of plans for it too and by going to my website, you can still access my Etsy store. But I want to make it easier for everyone by having the option to purchase right on my site.

Moving forward with lots of hope and aspirations and the dream to work on bigger and better art!

yours ARTfully,


Friday, February 24, 2017

Wrap Yourself In Art -VIDA COLLECTION

A long standing dream of seeing my art on rich, soft luxurious fabric has finally come to fruition! watercolors have finally turned into wearable art!

While painting soft delicate florals using deeply pigmented watercolors, I would often envision myself wearing them and wonder how they would look on fabric, especially as scarves, which are one of my favorite accessories  As a textile designer, I have always composed my floral paintings in such a way that they would work on fabric as a repeat pattern, so when I  got an opportunity to offer my art to be printed on fabric, I thought to myself..'this is it'..this is what I need to on fabric..a journey from sketchbook to fabric!

Venturing into the world of licensing art, a new and  interesting phase of my art career has only just begun, can't wait to see where it takes me. After all that I have been through last year, I feel like a phoenix rising from the beginnings.away from despair and ready to soar ....

The most exciting part is that I will be able to offer all of my favorites together..watercolors, cashmere and silk..perfect!
...yes, I am talking about VIDA.

 To know more about the company this video ..VIDA

To shop my collection click here..SANKETI

Every piece is custom made and comes with the artist's signature giving due credit to the artist and complete satisfaction to the customer who likes to collect wearable art.  I will be adding more exclusive designs to my VIDA scarf collection very soon.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by and sharing my excitement!



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